Nancy Navigates is something I’ve been aspiring to for a little while now. I basically wanted a medium for travel experiences which was as much about documenting (short) stories as sharing images.

While the blog is still very much in its formative stage, the majority of posts will be driven by photography. It and travel are both becoming two things I’m increasingly passionate about and this seemed like the perfect way to combine them. I have only just bought my first DSLR so this will also track my progress with a manual camera.

I adore Instagram but serial spamming isn’t something I enjoy seeing on my dash or inflicting on others. Plus, the platform seems more targeted to single images than a group of them, making it difficult when applying text as a collective (unless opting for a collage).

The reason for the title of the blog is fivefold:

  1. I’m Nancy, nice to meet you!
  2. I will be navigating my way around a DSLR
  3. I will be navigating my way around my own locale and the world
  4. I have a pretty good sense of direction (thank you, Papa!) and am usually the designated navigator on road trips
  5. As travel will be a heavy feature on this blog, the insertion of a pun seemed necessary

I hope this blog can ignite an interest in photography, spark a desire to travel, inspire a new destination for the Bucket List, or just provide an escape until the next getaway.


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